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Dancing Still (Dedalus Press, 2024)


The End of the World (Dedalus Press, 2019)

ISBN 9781910251546 (paper)

ISBN 9781910251553 (bound)

Groundswell: New and Selected Poems (Dedalus Press, 2013)
ISBN 9781906614737


Territoire/Territory (Alidades, 2011)
ISBN 97829062661000 (paper)


Le Ossa della Creazione (Edizioni Kolibris, 2010)

ISBN 9788896263288 (paper)


The Bones of Creation (Dedalus Press, 2008)
ISBN 9781904556916 (paper)
ISBN 9781904556923 (bound)


Decoding Samara (Dedalus Press, 2000)
ISBN 1901233553 (paper)
ISBN 1901233561 (bound)


Turane: The Hidden Village (Dedalus Press, 1995)
ISBN 1873790694 (paper)
ISBN 1873790708 (bound)


Names for Love (Dedalus Press, 1990)
ISBN 0948268786 (paper)
ISBN 0948268794 (bound)


Intimate Strangers (Dedalus Press, 1986)

ISBN 0948268123 (paper)

ISBN 0948268131 (bound)


The Hurley Maker’s Son – A Memoir  (Doubleday Ireland, 2016)

ISBN 9781781620335 (bound)

ISBN 9781781620373 (paper)

Children's Fiction

The Lost Orchard (O’Brien Press, 2000)
ISBN 0862786517 (paper)


My Dog Lively (O’Brien Press, 2001)
ISBN 0862787238 (paper)
Words: Patrick Deeley
Pictures: Martin Fagan


Mo Mhadra Beoga (O’Brien Press, 2005)
ISBN 0862789427 (paper)
Scéal: Patrick Deeley
Léaráidí: Martin Fagan


Snobby Cat (O'Brien Press, 2005)
ISBN 086278946X (paper)
Words: Patrick Deeley
Pictures: Tatyana Feeney

© 2021 by Patrick Deeley

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